How to Find a Civilian Job When You are in The Military

It is tough for someone who is in the military for a long time to find a job. You will have to compete with others who have already started working and gaining experience earlier. However, there are a lot of campaigns around that support veterans so there is no need to be afraid that you won’t find a job after leaving the army. 

Identify a Job Skill

The first step is to identify if you have any skill that is marketable. Employers don’t want to hire a veteran that only knows how to march, take orders and patriotic. They want someone who is able to handle the job. You can join a TAP class about 1 – 2 year before you transition into the civilian market to find a job. The TAP class will help you to identify your job skills and find a suitable job that you can do.

Narrow to a Job You Enjoy Doing

Do some soul searching and ask yourself what you really want to be. It is important that you not only find a job that you know how to do but it should also be something that you enjoy doing. From there, you can decide whether you want to fill in a DA 31 form to take a leave for joining a course to further your studies.

You can find free da 31 form to use in a PDF Editor. Movavi PDF Editor offers free fillable DA 31 form that can be filled using its text tool. You can access the text tool by going to the Edit mode. After clicking the text in the toolbar, you can draw a text box on the blank space where the information is supposed to be filled in. Once the text box is drawn, you can type in the text directly. 

Make Sure You Can Meet All Requirements

You must make sure you have all the requirements to get employed. You must put all the proof on your resume to show that you are qualified. Employers know how to distinguish between potential candidates and candidates who just boast about all their qualifications to pretend they are up for the job. The qualification can be a license, a certification course, and experiences in working in a certain field. 

Apply for the Job Early

Many veterans are hesitating about when they should apply for the job. If you apply for the job too early, you may get the job offer earlier than the time you quit the military. If you apply for the job too late, you will be unemployed for some time. The answer is you should apply for the job early because it will give you time to practice. 

Compile a Civilian Resume

Before looking for a job, put together a civilian resume. It is important that the resume is formatted correctly otherwise the human resources department will not go through it. It is recommended that you use wide margin, subheadings and bullet lists to make it easy for the employer to read it. In the resume, list all your accomplishments to show that you have the ability to solve the problems in their company.

The accomplishments you list must be unique and not just a list of generic certifications. The objective is the most important part of the resume because it is the first line that the employer sees. It consists of 1 – 2 sentences. In the objective, include the job title that you are seeking and summarize how you plan to help them to increase their conversions. This allows the employer to know that you are serious about having a long term career.

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